Keep all your important documents neatly stored and organized
for any eventuality that may come to you or your loved ones. Your
legal documents, special powers of attorney (SPA’s), your last will
and testament, and all important forms pertinent to your estate
and your assets all kept safe and prepared for whatever may
come. With no hassle or worry of being mislabeled, lost, or
misplaced... all kept neatly filed inside an elegant leather bound


Why use Estate Planning Kits?

Estate planning kits provide the organization you need while you plan to protect all of your assets. Our kits will provide you with the organization for your documents that you need to be legally compliant and provide a way to keep everything organized in one convenient place.


When you need fast access to your important estate documents, where do you go? If you are like most of us, that can mean digging through files, records, and printouts just to find what you need. The new and improved Estate Planner puts everything you need in one easy to find the place. Never again will you have to scramble to find the documents you need.

The Deluxe Zippered Estate Planning Kit is an essential tool that will elegantly and efficiently present will and trust documents to your clients. Each kit is customized with the family name, which comes beautifully engraved on a chrome-plated solid brass plate. Our organizers feature 14 time-saving index tabs to keep you organized and set up for continued success.

Family Forms are always important to have. In an emergency situation, or in the event of an accident or death, these Family Forms are a must. It contains all your family’s important information from monthly bills to Life Insurance and bank account information.
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This tab is entirely dedicated to your Will, making it easily accessible to the reader.

Your Trust is important. We have highlighted it by giving it it's own Tab in the Estate Planning Kit.

In the event that you won't be able to answer to a decision, this Tab is entirely dedicated to the people you have given Power of Attorney too.

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